Medical Illustration

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Medical Illustration is the practice of creating art that clarifies concepts within biology and the health sciences. Making a successful medical illustration involves interpreting a large amount of complex information, condensing that information into a coherent visual story, and utilizing various artistic tools and visualization technologies to convey that story to an audience. The medical illustrator's job is foremost to educate, but also to produce imagery that is relevant, unique, and interesting.

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Medical Media is a modern manifestation of this craft, integrating traditional methods with new technologies, using various approaches—print, animation, online modules, interactive simulations, and other media—to clarify concepts for an ever-growing audience of students, patients, healthcare professionals, and anyone invested in the frontiers of scientific research.



I grew up in a small town, and always appreciated the arts as a way to communicate, as a means of understanding and expanding our world. I also realized at a young age the impact that scientific literacy has on society, especially with regards to the health sciences.


I earned a BA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, then pursued a Master of Science in Medical Illustration (MSMI) from Augusta University, formerly the Medical College of Georgia. There I received graduate-level training in anatomy, histology, pathology, surgical procedures, and advanced illustration and animation techniques. I currently work as a multimedia producer at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have been developing instructional animations as part of the School of Pharmacy's efforts to "flip the classroom"—to make greater use of class sessions by utilizing pre-class materials to provide foundational concepts.

My Goals

As a medical artist, my primary concern is education. Medicine, biology, and the health sciences present innumerable opportunities to provide clearer, more interesting, and more accessible visual materials. My goal is to create artwork that is appealing and instructive, that increases the standards of education and healthcare, and that contributes to a healthier, more intellectually curious world. My work primarily involves medical animation, which incorporates a variety of skills: illustration, 3D modeling / texturing / rigging / lighting, scientific writing, storyboarding, sound recording, and editing. In filling these various roles, I have opportunities daily to explore different creative approaches and incorporate new techniques; continuous personal growth is vital. Communicating complex and dynamic processes often calls for a multifaceted approach, so I also plan to utilize interactivity in future projects by way of simulations and serious games.

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